Stretch Walls (Art-Walls)

Stretch Walls (Art-Walls) are the effective solution for arranging the facilities for both living and non-living purposes, demonstration of halls and representative offices. The main feature of this interior solution is the installation of the vertical construction while using the general stretch ceiling technology or for the decor of walls in the facilities.

Such an Art wall does not just emphasize the style and owner’s status but can also help present the company brand effectively. We offer various technologies of walls development and installation of art walls, company standsduring exhibitions. Here are some of them:

Classical version – a sole-colored coverage together with the company’s logo,

The “Hot ticket” of our clients – the classical art Wall including the lighting around the whole perimeter,

The exclusive version – is made according to Double Vision technology ensuring the change of Art Wall design while switching the light regimes.


Advantages: exclusive design, opportunity to make a successful presentation of company’s brand, functionality and reliability of the construction, economic energy usage, additional room lightning, ecological safety of photo print and materials used, the opportunity to zone the room, the opportunity to hide communication and change the geometry of the room.


Recommended application: any dependent on application purpose and dimensions. The following construction allows installing in the facilities with various technical features – living rooms with perfectly smooth walls and absence of height differences, also in the rooms with rounded areas and columns.

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