Starry Sky

Starry Sky is a special type of the unique stretch ceiling. Its specific feature includeы the system of lightning embedded and a gloss ceiling with the printed StarrySky. We have several Starry Sky versions, in particular: Starry sky with the realistic image of the Earth and the Moon of different diameters. The specific system of lighting allows enlightening the planets from inside in different colors and the remote manual control panel ensures the comfort while using the light options. This ceiling will become the pearl of your interior, surprise and bring inspiration to you every day!


Advantages: spectacular design with the realistic presentation of the Starry sky and the planets, functionality and reliability, economic energy usage, soft room lighting, opportunity to use various lighting regimes, eco safety of the printed images and materials used, opportunity to combine with other types of ceiling materials, use of additional lights, creation of relaxing atmosphere in the room.


Recommended application: children’s room, play rooms, rest (sleeping) room, bedrooms, offices.

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