Printed stretch ceiling

Printed stretch ceiling is the unique opportunity to show your individual approach and make your interior exclusive. The main feature of such a ceiling is the use of the material with the printed image on it. The image is printed either on the whole square or on its separate parts. To print the image you can just send any favorite image or choose them from our catalogue or from Shutter stock catalogue. We offer two types of printing: ecosolvent and ultra violet.


Advantages: unique design solution, reliable art cover that will not require renovation, eco safety of the printed image, the provision of the preliminary phototest (the fragment of the chosen image is implied on the ceiling material so the client can make sure in the quality of the printed image, the opportunity to show your individual approach in the home interior, to make the individual presentation of the company’s brand).


Recommended application: children’s rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and toilettes, offices.

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