«Floating» stretch ceiling

«Floating» stretch ceiling is the elegant lightning of the room’s perimeter or its separate sides with the LED stripe of 5 cm, which is installed in the same flat area as the ceiling and provides its final ideal view. The lighting around the perimeter created the “floating in the air” effect, which makes the whole ceiling construction visually softer and fills with the comfort.


Advantages: creates the visual effect of the tridimensional ceiling, saves the maximum height of the room, slit less type of installation (no clearance spaces between the material and walls), due to the even light diffusion the geometry of the room becomes softer, regulation of the light flow intensity (energy usage economy), opportunity to combine with other lighting solutions.


Recommended application: any premises with equal walls and no curvilinear areas. The “Floating” ceiling will perfectly fill up the interior of the kitchen, children’s room and spacious corridor, as well as the office.

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