Floating lines

Floating lines are the stylish and functional solution for interior design and the lighting options as well. The following construction also serves as the powerful LED line and the profile to install the stretch ceiling materials that provide a diverse range of design ideas. The special profile is used while installing the floating lines. The LED lightning is built-in profile together with the light transmitting (translucent) PVC. In the end you receive the matt light stripe with the 6cm width that can be mounted in the form of straight line, cube, rectangle, G-form or T-form constructions, etc.



  • stylish décor element;
  • functionality and reliability of the whole construction;
  • can be used the main source of light even in the rooms with a difficult geometry;
  • gives the opportunity to zone and arrange the space of the studio apartments, spacious halls of the private houses without the ceilingmaterials welded and making stitches on them;
  • the opportunity to combine with other lighting options;
  • the opportunity to combine with different ceilings materials by colors and textures;
  • the opportunity to combine with other types of ceiling constructions.


Recommendedapplication: guest rooms, kitchens, children’srooms, halls, studios, bathrooms, offices.