«Floating» Contour 3D ceiling

«Floating» Contour 3D ceilings are the full innovation. Due to the specifically developed profile the LED stripe is installed in angular position to the main ceiling that creates the visual effect of the tridimensional stretch ceiling while saving the maximum height of the room. The equally embedded around the whole contour lighting makes the space softer and also creates the sense of full comfort and harmony in the room. You can also regulate the LED stripe (make it adjustable) that ensures the comfortable lighting and creates the corresponding atmosphere at any time of day and night.


Advantages: creates the visual effect of the tridimensional ceiling, saves the maximum height of the room, slit less type of installation (no clearance spaces between the material and walls), due to the smooth light diffusion the geometry of the room becomes softer, regulation of the light flow intensity (energy usage economy), opportunity to combine with other lighting solutions.


Recommendations to apply: any premises with smooth walls and no curvilinear areas.

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