Exclusive ceiling

Exclusive ceiling material is used by true gourmands who pay huge attention to the interiors’ details. The exclusive materials have unique texture and color: embossed materials, brilliant, metallic, pearl, with the “Thread”, “Sky” images, etc, which add spice to the whole interior. The exclusive materials are used as a main material for the whole room square and are also perfectly combined with the classical textures (matt, gloss, satin). Special effect can be reached while using these materials in the gypsum constructions.


Advantages: unique texture and color, high tensile, large degree of reflection and brilliance.


Recommended application: studio apartments, kitchens, dining rooms, cottage houses, offices and other non-residential premises (restaurants, cafes, etc)


Color Palette of exclusive materials: 25 options with each unique color, twinkling effect, printed picture and originally embossed.

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