Combined stretch ceiling

Combined stretch ceilings is one of the most popular options while choosing the stretch ceiling type is the combination of different material by color and textures.


Combination of colors is a special technology to produce the stretch ceiling, where the materials of different colors are getting welded with each other and create the multicolor ceiling made in one level. The welding of materials is performed on the state of art equipment. Technically, there are other ways to combine the materials of different textures and colors, specifically by installing the PVC materials using the spacer profile or by arranging the “floating line” construction. The following ceiling will perfectly suit the minimalistic interiors by stressing their seriousness, essence and pure taste of their owners.


Advantages: visual zoning of the building, ability to hide the material junction points in big rooms.


Recommended application: studio apartments, children’s rooms (visual division of the room on several parts – for each child), halls, dining rooms, non-residential premises (restaurants, cafes, etc)

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