Art Ceiling

Art Ceiling is the unconventional solution to implement the ceiling and arrange the lighting. The main feature of this type is that the ceiling installation combines the translucent ceiling material with the printed image on it and strong LED lighting. The following tandem helps create the exclusive interior full with light where the ceiling is like a fixed glazer – a real work of art!


Advantages: exclusive design, possible expression of individual approach in home interior, fixed glazer effect, functionality and reliability of the construction, economic energy usage, soft room lightning without addition LED lights needed, eco safety of the printed image and materials used, provision of photo test (a piece of the image is decorated on the square of the material to make sure in the image acutance and photographic transmission), the opportunity to combine the ceiling with other types of ceiling constructions.


Recommended application: guest rooms, halls, kitchens, bedrooms, insertion in gypsum boards, offices.

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